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June 10, 2013
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The Lonely side
Prussia x Child! Reader

  Gilbert always seemed like someone who was very popular that everyone knew, some found annoying, and others found attractive. But what they never really knew about the once great kingdom was that he was lonely as he could be. For he would spend his days with either his laptop or his only two friends, no one ever really cared about the person inside, just the shell he was trapped in.

  Around this same time a little girl who was no more than four was dropped off at an orphanage by her mother while she slept. The poor child had no idea what she was about to encounter. She was small, frail, and wouldn’t last a day in the rough life of that of an orphan. The child would soon come to know hardships of fighting with other kids, bumps and bruises, and of course sadness of wondering why she was there and if she’s ever going to leave.

  After a couple weeks Gilbert went over to the bar when he saw some children playing in the yard that was of the Berlin orphanage. He leaned on the fence smiling and sighing at all the kids. It seemed as if each kid had a friend if not friends. But then one child caught his eye. A small girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair sat under a tree in the shade. You could hardly even make out her shape. She was plucking petals off the nearby flowers as the other children ignored her.

  The Prussian stood up and opened the front gate of the yard. He came up the concrete passageway and opened the door of the orphanage, and found the lady at the front desk.

  “Um excuse me. I was passing by and couldn’t help but notice the little girl under the tree. I’d like to talk to her if that’s alright.” He tried to act proper and was obviously failing but the woman rolled her eyes that were framed by her glasses, seeing through his obvious flaw.

  “Yeah sure. Go ahead; no one talks to her anyway. Poor dear was left on our door step; she hasn’t said a peep since she’s gotten here.” The blond told him. Gilbert nodded and went back outside looking for the child under the tree. He did eventually find her. The Prussian squatted to her height so he could easily talk to her.

  “Hallo fraulien, what’s your name?” He asked. The small child looked up from her flower eye wide when she saw the albino in front of her.

  “My name is (y/n). Yours?” She asked tilting her head a bit as she whispered. He cracked a smile.

  “I’m the one and only Gilbert!” He said feeling slightly better than he had in months. She smiled and giggled. Gilbert looked at the flower and raised an eyebrow. “What were you doing with the flower?” He asked. She looked down to it.

  “I was wishing. Each petal is a wish piece. The more you have the better your chances are of it coming true. This one had a bunch on it when I first started. I was asking for mommy to come back. Or at least someone to come and offer me a home.” Her (e/c) orbs never left the daisy with one petal left. “This is my last flower, my last wish. It’s the 20th flower I’ve gone through and still I’ve had no luck.” She almost started crying but stopped when Gilbert put his hands around hers then plucked the last white petal.

  “Then your wish has come true. I’ll take you home. Ok madchen?” Her eyes brightened as she gasped. A smile brewed on her lips as she hugged the albino around his neck. She was going to be happy again and as for Gilbert he wasn’t going to be lonely.

  Ever since then the two stuck together. They needed each other and knew that. They were no longer on the lonely side.
one shot I made a while back. thought I'd finish it and post it for you guys. hope you liked it!

I own nothing
you belong to Prussia
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