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March 11, 2013
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Switzerland x Reader: What my sister doesn't know

~Vash's POV~

 I woke up to the buzzing of my alarm clock. I almost smashed it into pieces when hitting the snooze button. 

 Yep, it was just like any other morning. Well almost ever since Austria moved in with Hungary I wake up to piano music but unfortunately that was not the case this morning. Instead it was to the sound of a frying pan hitting face. Francis must be stalking Roderick again.

  With a sigh i go downstairs preparing to see the worst but surprisingly didn't. I mean yes there was Francis and minor bleeding but other than that there wasn't much else.

  "Should I even ask at this point?" I say with tad annoyance drawn in my voice.
Roderick and Elizabeta shake their heads and Lili comes in with a bag of groceries.
  Lili I told you not to spend any money. We are trying hard enough to live on our own and go to school." I was about to go off on her about money the way I do but Elizabeta stopped me.

 "It's alright. I gave her the money to go out and get a few things. Ok?" She told me. I gave one nod then leave to go back upstairs to get dressed for school, oh how today was going to be hell.

~Your POV~

  You woke up to your brothers Ludwig and Gilbert yelling over something and shook it off. 

 Quickly you got dressed for school in the uniform of a navy blue skirt with a white polo Tee, white knee socks,and of course your high top sneakers. 

 You dragged yourself downstairs with a sigh wondering what they are possibly yelling about this time. 

 "YO! Dummkopfs! Could you take it down a notch. I'm at least trying to get a calm morning, after all we all know school is rough as it is. Please!" You almost begged not even fully in the kitchen yet where your brothers were arguing about who knows what.

  You see school was never the best for you. Because everyone knew who you were and I mean everyone. Mostly because you had one brother who was stern and half the school stayed away from him because of intimidation. And the other was apart of both the BTT and the awesome trio. So every other day you'd have Gilbert and two friends fool around campus all day.

 With yet another sigh and noticing the large volume decrease you went and grabbed an orange from the fruit basket and began to peel it.

  "So uh Schwester, you ready for school yet?" Ludwig said breaking the ice. You looked up from your intense concentration then gave a nod and returned your focus to your breakfast. 

  "Geeze west could you be anymore unawseome? So Name today I'm gonna need your help." Gilbert told you. 

  You rolled your eyes, it was either to A get into the girls locker room, B help him find a new place to hide to skip class or C do him and his friends homework for the rest of the week.

  "To do which plan A,B,or C?" You asked almost snarled.

  "What?" He asked totally stumped.

  Rolling your eyes again you finished the orange and went back upstairs to collect your things, hearing Ludwig and Gilbert starting an argument again in 3 seconds flat.

~Time skip~

  You boarded the bus and sat next to Lili who surprisingly wasn't with her brother. 

 "Heeeeeeeyyy Lili." You said

   "Heeeeeeeyyy name." She said back imitating the voice you used.

 "So where's your brother?" You asked. It was strange to see Lili without Vash (or vise versa). 

  "Big Brother's in the back with Roderick and Eliza." She told you.

  "Correction, I WAS in the back with your brother and my boyfriend but unfortunately Gilbert decided to come and pay us a visit." Eliza said sitting next to you. 

  This was your life, hanging out with two girls hearing one complain about your brother and the other talk about hers all day. And you didn't care, Eliza and Lili were your friends and you didn't want them any other way.

~Time skip Vash's POV~

   After the long bus ride of Roderick getting picked on by Gilbert and Ludwig strangling him I started walking to the court yard where I saw Lili,Eliza, and someone else. I didn't know her name but she must be that girl Lili talks about. Name I believe. Man she's a lot prettier than what Lili describes.

  I heard the bell ring and sigh. That means I'm off for Homeroom. Where I happen to have some of the craziest,perverted,self centered, people in the entire world.

  Once I trudged in I wanted to shoot myself. What I was looking at, well lets say I saw a 3 way fight between England,France and America. Two thirds of the BTT hitting on Belgium and Hungary. Hong Kong and South Korea yelling over which anime show is the best and last but not least Russia hiding in the supply closet with Belarus scratching on the doors. Yeah this school year was going to be worse than last year. Can't wait till it ends, sadly we are only three weeks in.
woop new three part series! wadda ya think? tell me in the comments. and don't be shy on critiquing.

i own nothing.
you belong to :iconswisshappyplz:
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PastaUnicorn2 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
this, though.... smiling so hard my face hurts
xXxSDNxXx Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Very good job :3 I Love this fanfiction *w* but I live in germany and it doesn't mean "Dummkopfs" it means "Dummköpfe" ;A;
SpiceCat7 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh well my computer doesn't have the same computer as yours so.......
xXxSDNxXx Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Ohh then I understand :|
MySweetLies Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
I like Reader-Chan's name is "name".
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SpiceCat7 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
it's a really old one XD I used to use that
MySweetLies Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter

Hey Name, how you doin'?

Oh, nothing, just chilling in this place!

LAWL Jk and it's ALRIGHT!!!

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Yes. I blong to Vash. Blong how cute XD
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Poor Russia XD
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