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Mutation 101
HetaliaxChild!Readerx2p!Hetalia 11

 *Garret’s POV*

  The little madchen and I walked through the woods for what seemed like hours. I had to admit she was a little intimidating for someone her size. But I noticed she wasn’t like other 2p’s, she had a sense to her that she wasn’t like us. Everything about her didn’t quite sit well with me….what could this kind be hiding I wonder?

*normal POV*

  The other clones looked up when the door of the cabin opened. Lutz got up with a cheeky grin as he strolled over to the two who just entered. “Why Hallo kind, und bruder” He grinned. The Prussian rolled his eyes and strode past them , going to a room he could be alone. (y/n) giggled and hugged her father’s leg.

  “Is it ok if onkle Garret stays here?” She asked, giving him her best puppy eyes. He chuckled and nodded, scruffling her hair.

  “Sure schatz.”

  ……………..But of course the next day, she learnt training like knight, was harder than what most people would encounter on a daily basis. A ton was running around, doing many, many laps. At one point he had the seven year old down on her belly whilst he had his heavy metal foot on her back, he told her to get in push up form as he forced her down. It took several hours until….she snapped and shot right up. He kicked her in the gut and she fell again, staring at him with her snarling crimson red eyes.

  “What in the hell is your problem? You call that training?!?” She glared, as she stood up. He nodded with a cocky smirk; he found what made the girl crack into this insane mode. Pressure and times when the power she had couldn’t contain itself such as defenses or attacks. Now he understood.
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BeYourself01452 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015
I love this series !! 😊 !!! dooooo!!!! 😞

What happens to the (Name)? Is she going to turning into 2p?
XxNekoAnimeNerdxX Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015
I feel like her
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You should do more
RoseEmma1 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
\(^o^)/ Yay!! New chapter!! 
(an I still remember everything from when I last read this series. Which was....sometime in December I think)
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